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The explanation:

1. "Kips" means something like "therefore." This means that "sod'n pho" is symmetric--if I "sod'n pho" you, then you "sod'n pho" me.

2. This was translated to mean that if you "bink ptui" anyone you will "bink ptui" everyone.

3. "Myt" means "and". So "Pock matoo" is the relational square of "sod'n pho"--if two people each "sod'n pho" the same third person, then they "pock matoo" each other.

4. "Moiven" is a little more complicated. "Moiven" includes the relational square of "pock matoo"--if two people each "pock matoo" the same third person, then they "moiven" each other. But "moiven" is extended by "bink ptui", in the sense that if you "moiven" someone who "bink ptui"s a third person, then you "moiven" that third person also.

5. The puzzle posed is, who does Phil "moiven"?



A second interesting puzzle is: Can you invent meanings for "sod'n pho", "bink ptui", "pock matoo", and "moiven" that make these axioms reasonable?

And third--does anyone know where the problem is from, or even what language it is in? If you have the translation, please mark it as a spoiler to avoid interfering with the second puzzle.

Dan Hoey


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