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An emotional issue; the solution

The four seasons; the sequel, the five seasons; the solution to both


Addressing the question of nationality; solution.

Holmes and Watson abroad; a hint; the solution

Temperatures in the USA; a hint; the solution

The extent of the USA; solution

The Isle of Sodor; solution



A paradox of differentiation; solution

How near is the end?; solution

The superhuman ant; solution

Game theory

A simple bluffing game; solution


A proof involving a triangle; solution

Ellipses and triangles; solution


Boodle Phil moiven?; solution

Locks and keys; solution

Targeting in the infinite plane; solution

Two long trips for a long cable; solution

Where the streets have no name; solution


A betting puzzle; solution

A tale of two mistresses; solution

An office supply warehouse problem; solution

Another locker problem; solution

Which one is largest?; solution


A silly gambling problem; solution

Real-life (?)

The alien's groove; solution

A lightbulb and three doors; solution

After a power outage; solution

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