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Holmes and Watson are each on separate expeditions to foreign climes. Holmes, who does not know where Watson has gone, has given Watson his phone number, and receives the following phone call from Watson:

Watson: "Hello Holmes. These international calls sure are expensive, so we better be quick."

Holmes: "So where are you, Watson?"

Watson: "I've been travelling so long I can't even remember this place's name!"

Holmes: "Well, what time is it there now?"

Watson: "A few minutes ago I heard the clock strike the hour, but I didn't really notice what time it was."

Holmes: "Well why don't you go have a cup of tea and call me back later when you are rested. I know which country you're in by the way - give my regards to the king if you should meet him."

Which countries are Holmes and Watson each visiting?

An original puzzle from Peter Suzman, who apologizes in advance for any bugs in it.

P.S. All information necessary to solve this puzzle is available on the net.

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