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Here is the Time Zone info. A careful examination and some deduction should reveal the location of Holmes as well as Watson.

 Time Zone Table
   PST8PDT         Pacific Standard Time, Pacific Daylight Time
                   USA (Pacific), Canada (Pacific & Yukon), Mexico
                   (Baja N.)
   MST7MDT         Mountain Standard Time, Mountain Daylight Time
                   USA (Mountain), Canada (Mountain)
   MST7            Mountain Standard Time
                   USA (Arizona)
   CST6CDT         Central Standard Time, Central Daylight Time
                   U.S.A (Central), Canada (Central)
   EST5EDT         Eastern Standard Time, Eastern Daylight Time
                   USA (Eastern), Canada (Eastern), Bahamas, Haiti,
                   Turks & Caicos
   AST4ADT         Atlantic Standard Time, Atlantic Daylight Time
                   Canada (Atlantic), Bermuda, Greenland (Thule)
   EST5CDT         Eastern Standard Time, Central Daylight Time
                   USA (Indiana)
   AST10ADT        Aleutian Standard Time, Aleutian Daylight Time
                   USA (Aleutian)
   YST9YDT         Yukon Standard Time, Yukon Daylight Time
                   Defunct, previously Canada (Yukon)
   NST3:30NDT      Newfoundland Standard Time, Newfoundland Daylight
                   Canada (Newfoundland)
   NAST3NADT       North American (3) Standard Time, North American
                   (3) Daylight Time
                   Saint Pierre & Miquelon
   NAST9NADT       North American (9) Standard Time, North American
                   (9) Daylight Time
                   USA (Alaska)
   SAT3            South America Standard Time
                   Argentina, French Guiana, Uruguay
   EBST3EBDT       Eastern Brazil Standard Time, Eastern Brazil
                   Daylight Time
                   Brazil (East: Including All Coast and Brasilia)
   WBST4WBDT       Western Brazil Standard Time, Western Brazil
                   Daylight Time
                   Brazil (West)
   ACRE5           Trinity of Acre Standard Time
                   Brazil (Trinity of Acre)
   NORO2           Fernando De Noronha Standard Time
                   Brazil (Fernando De Noronha)
   CST4CDT         Chilean Standard Time, Chilean Daylight Time
   MEZ-1MESZ       Mitteleuropaeische Zeit, Mitteleuropaeische
                   Austria, Germany, Switzerland
   MET-1METDST     Middle European Time, Middle European Time
                   Daylight Savings Time
                   Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands,
                   Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
   EET-2EETDST     East European Standard Time, East European
                   Daylight Time
                   Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Romania, Russian Fed.
                   (Zone 1), Turkey, Ukraine
   GMT0BST         Greenwich Mean Time, British Summer Time
                   United Kingdom, Ireland
   WET0WETDST      Western European Time, Western European Time
                   Daylight Savings Time
                   Spain (Canary Is.), Faroe Island
   PWT0PSTPWT      Portuguese Winter Time, Portuguese Summer Time
                   Portugal (Madeira)
   MST-3MDT        Moscow Standard Time, Moscow Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 2)
   EUT1EUTDST      European (1) Standard Time, European (1) Daylight
                   Greenland (Scoresbysund), Portugal (Azores)
   EUT-2EUTDST     European (-2) Standard Time, European (-2)
                   Daylight Time
   EUT-3EUTDST     European (-3) Standard Time, European (-3)
                   Daylight Time
                   Ukraine (Simferopol)
   EUT-4EUTDST     European (-4) Standard Time, European (-4)
                   Daylight Time
   EUT-6EUTDST     European (-6) Standard Time, European (-6)
                   Daylight Time
   EUT-8EUTDST     European (-8) Standard Time, European (-8)
                   Daylight Time
   RFT-2RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 1 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 1 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 1)
   RFT-3RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 2 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 2 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 2)
   RFT-4RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 3 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 3 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 3)
   RFT-5RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 4 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 4 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 4)
   RFT-6RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 5 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 5 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 5)
   RFT-7RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 6 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 6 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 6)
   RFT-8RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 7 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 7 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 7)
   RFT-9RFTDST     Russian Fed. Zone 8 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 8 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 8)
   RFT-10RFTDST    Russian Fed. Zone 9 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 9 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 9)
   RFT-11RFTDST    Russian Fed. Zone 10 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 10 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 10)
   RFT-12RFTDST    Russian Fed. Zone 11 Standard Time, Russian Fed.
                   Zone 11 Daylight Time
                   Russian Fed. (Zone 11)
   TTST4           Trinidad and Tobago Standard Time
                   Trinidad and Tobago
   EIST6EIDT       Easter Is. Standard Time, Easter Is. Daylight Time
                   Chile (Easter Is.)
   MST-8           Malaysia Standard Time
                   Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia (Central),
   CST-8           China Standard Time
                   China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
   CST-9:30CDT     Australian Central Standard Time, Australian
                   Central Daylight Time
                   Australia (South Australia and Broken Hill)
   EST-10EDT       Australian Eastern Standard Time, Australian
                   Eastern Daylight Time
                   Australia (N.S.W & Capitol Territory & Victoria)
   LHT-10:30LHDT   Lord Howe Is. Standard Time, Lord Howe Is.
                   Daylight Time
                   Australia (Lord Howe Is.)
   TST-10TDT       Tasmanian Standard Time, Tasmanian Daylight Time
                   Australia (Tasmania)
   NZST-12NZDT     New Zealand Standard Time, New Zealand Daylight
                   New Zealand
   CIST-12:45CID   Chatham Is. Standard Time, Chatham Is. Daylight
                   New Zealand (Chatham Is.)
   SAST-2          South Africa Standard Time
                   South Africa
   EST-2EDT        Egypt Standard Time, Egypt Daylight Time
   UAEST-4         United Arab Emirates Standard Time
                   United Arab Emirates
   IST-3IDT        Iraq Standard Time, Iraq Daylight Time
   JST-2JDT        Jordan Standard Time, Jordan Daylight Time
   SST-2SDT        Syrian Standard Time, Syrian Daylight Time
   UCT-9           Universal Coordinated Time -9
                   Indonesia (East), Korea
   JST-9           Japan Standard Time
   UCT             Universal Coordinated Time.
                   Iceland, Mali, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea,
                   Liberia, Morocco, Senegal
   UCT1            Universal Coordinated Time 1
                   Cape Verde Is
   UCT3            Universal Coordinated Time 3
                   Argentina, Fr. Guiana, Surinam, Uruguay
   UCT4            Universal Coordinated Time 4
                   Barbados, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe,
                   Guiana, Puerto Rico, Venezuela
   UCT5            Universal Coordinated Time 5
                   Cayman Is., Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Panama
   UCT6            Universal Coordinated Time 6
                   Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala,
                   Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
   UCT7            Universal Coordinated Time 7
                   Mexico (Baja S.)
   UCT10           Universal Coordinated Time 10
                   Cook Is., Tahiti, Johnston Is., Hawaii
   UCT11           Universal Coordinated Time 11, Midway Is.
                   American Samoa, Midway Is., Niue Is., Samoa
   UCT-1           Universal Coordinated Time -1
                   Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Gabon,
                   Niger, Nigeria, Tunisia
   UCT-2           Universal Coordinated Time -2
                   Botswana, Burundi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan,
                   Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe
   UCT-3           Universal Coordinated Time -3
                   Ethiopia, Kenya, Kuwait, Madagascar, Qatar, Saudi
                   Arabia, Somalia, Tanzania
   UCT-4           Universal Coordinated Time -4
                   Azerbaijan, Mauritius, Oman, Reunion, Seychelles,
                   United Arab Emirates
   UCT-5           Universal Coordinated Time -5
                   Maldives, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
   UCT-5:30        Universal Coordinated Time -5:30
                   India, Sri Lanka
   UCT-5:45        Universal Coordinated Time -5:45
   UCT-6           Universal Coordinated Time -6
                   Bangladesh, Bhutan
   UCT-6:30        Universal Coordinated Time -6:30
                   Myanmar, Cocos (Keeling) Is.
   UCT-7           Universal Coordinated Time -7
                   Cambodia, Kampuchea, Indonesia (West), Thailand,
   UCT-8           Universal Coordinated Time -8
                   Australia (Western), Brunei
   UCT-9:30        Universal Coordinated Time -9:30
                   Australia (Northern Territory)
   UCT-10          Universal Coordinated Time -10
                   Australia (Queensland), Guam, Papua New Guinea
   UCT-11          Universal Coordinated Time -11
                   New Caledonia, Solomon Is., Vanuatu
   UCT-11:30       Universal Coordinated Time -11:30
                   Norfolk Is.
   UCT-12          Universal Coordinated Time -12
                   Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu, Wake Is., Wallis &
                   Futana Is.
   UCT-13          Universal Coordinated Time -13

The above is the only factual information needed.


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