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Last week, as I was looking over the canned soup in my local supermarket, I was asked for directions to the 'baby needs' section by a woman with four babies. To be precise, she had one of those monster-size multiple-seat baby carriages, this one with four seats, each occupied by a baby. They were heavily wrapped up, so I couldn't compare their ages and sizes very well.

"You have a big family there," I observed.

"Oh, yes!" she said with a smile. "Aren't they adorable? I call them my `four seasons' because each one was born in a different season of the year."

"They all still look pretty young," I observed.

"Well, of course! The oldest will be having his first birthday soon."

I immediately sensed a puzzle here, and elicited the following additional information:

So: describe a scenario consistent with this information...

By the way, all words and terms used here have their ordinary and generally accepted meaning....

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