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Leave two wires unconnected, connect all of the others in pairs.

Fly to the other end and test for connection. You will be able to identify the two unconnected wires, call them A1 and A2, and all of the pairs, call them B1 and B2, C1 and C2, etc.

Connect A2 to B1, B2 to C1, C2 to D1, etc.

Fly home, undo the original connections (but label them first so that you can remember which wire was connected to which), test for connection again: the lone wire which is now connected is A2, the other lone wire (still unconnected) is A1. The wire connected to A2 is B1. Its former mate is B2. The wire connected to B2 is C1, and so on.

Since A1 is not really needed, this method works for even and odd numbers of wires (except two).

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